Our Story

Tririga (trī•rē•gə)

Definition: A team of 3 horses yoked 3 abreast, commonly associated with the use of chariots during the Roman Empire

At Tririga, we replaced the three horses with strength, mobility, and function pulling the chariot of life.

Tririga was established in 2015 by Abhi Paul and Jims Varghese; two Physical Therapists with an affinity for increasing general wellness as well as international expertise. Coming in with experience and qualifications from all over the world, particularly India and the United Kingdom, this dynamic duo have 15 years of Physical Therapy experience each!

Since its inception, the quality of care at Tririga has become the golden standard of treatment for all patients, in which one therapist works with their patient on a personal and meticulous level. This one-on-one model is the backbone of care at Tririga Rehab; it’s what we attribute our statistically significant success in healing our patients.

Since opening doors in Bloomfield Hills, we have grown to establish another location in Warren and hired staff who share the same standard of care and ethos. Our Physical Therapy Assistant Spenser works with a penchant for putting people at ease, knowledgeable in exactly how to treat any and all injuries. Our Physical Therapy Technician Sherre works with devotion to her patients, always providing a warm and friendly appearance to ensure full care is being reached.