Welcome to Tririga Rehab…

Tririga Rehab LLC is a locally owned physical therapy clinic located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Let our Physical Therapists treat your injury and ease your pain, bringing you back to full Strength, Function and Mobility.
Our aim is to promote the lifestyle which you are in control off, not you being controlled by your limitations.
“Time doesn’t heal your pain, it is what you did during that time, eases your pain.”

Why Tririga?

Our Physical Therapists are highly educated experts in the movement and function of the human body. With a combined experience of 30 years treating patients with various conditions; our therapists always use an evidence based approach and are up to date with latest trends in the field of Physical Therapy. We offer one to one therapy with our patients and there are no assistants or aides in the treatment process. The goal of our therapists are to promote the patient’s ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability.

Private Pay

We also offer various packages for patients who would like pay out of pocket for the services received. Please ask a member of staff for further details.

Our Mission

Strength, Function & Mobility are the 3 cornerstones of Tririga. Our experienced team of therapists assimilate these tenets in all aspects of Physical therapy. We provide a complete cycle of care, from the immediate treatment of your pain and injury through to lifestyle changes, preventive exercise and mind-body well-being.